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History The Autodesk Revit 2008 brought the process of drafting with Revit. A completely new way of drafting, called "Revit Architecture," allows architects to design a building from their computer. After the release of Revit 2008, Autodesk released a new version of Revit. A few months later, Autodesk released Revit 2009 with the ability to create a "Revit Part," which allows any component to be used in the project. Revit 2010 introduced many changes, such as building sites and workplanes. Revit 2011 allowed users to design their own components. In 2013, Autodesk Revit 2012 introduced Autodesk Design Review, a new type of collaboration that allows stakeholders to review their designs as they develop them. The new Revit 2013 introduced a new set of functionality and streamlined workflow. Additionally, Autodesk Architect 2014 was released with enhancements that have improved its usability and efficiency. Autodesk Revit 2014 introduced more enhanced data management and collaborative tools. Versions Revit 2014 is the last major version of Revit. It includes the following new features and improvements: Data Management: Users have the ability to check in and check out Revit documents on Autodesk Vault, sync with the cloud, and use the cloud as a device to view projects in a browser or in a mobile app. Additionally, the Add Device option allows mobile users to synchronize projects stored in their cloud account with their desktop version. New Content Library: New libraries that can be created within Revit. A new Content Browser is also provided to search for content, and a new Content Browser window is displayed. Users have the ability to remove components from libraries, enable or disable components, or display a history of component changes. Users also have the ability to perform a circular search to find an object or component. Outliner: The Outliner is now available to all users with a viewport. This tool allows users to navigate through the project without using the Navigator. Open Architecture: The design intent of the project is exposed with the Open Architecture tool. Users have the ability to build a project with an existing file or by creating a new one. Collaborative Design: All the features of the design intent are exposed in a collaborative project. Design intent can be organized with groups, schedules, and more. Navigator: This tool is used to display the Project Browser or open viewports. The Navigator is also used to view the




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Revit 2014 64 Bit Download Torrent niabreas

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