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Academy for the development of communication skills

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A personal brand begins to be created through communication

Individual and group workshops for the development of communication skills

Academy of communication skills is a project by which we enable individual clients and small groups to work on developing their own skills and shaping their personal brand.

During the education, clients work on getting to know and practically mastering the following skills:

-personal branding - how to become known and respected, modern tools for recognition, limits and possibilities, styles and paths

-introduction to communication and rhetoric- What is communication, why do we communicate, ways, goals, principles, barriers, avoiding misunderstandings. Rhetoric - the art of speaking, knowledge of the language, legalities, contemporary challenges

-personal practical presentation - presentation and leadership and participation in conversation and debate

-planning and structuring communication - how communication is planned, purpose, audience, message, distribution channels, evaluation, steps in developing a communication plan

-nonverbal communication- types of non-verbal communication, ways, peculiarities, how to recognize and control it, paralinguistics

-presentation skills - practical performance, analysis, content correction, how to deal with risk...

-communication print/web, radio, television - practical peculiarities of individual media, ways of creating stories, media legality, market situation, content production, legal issues, media freedom)

-print/web - practical - preparation of answers and content for the given question for the press, creative writing, difference between written and spoken

-radio and audio podcast - practical - voice and performance, difference to other media, recording and listening to your own voice, voice as a medium

-video performance - television, streaming, online performance- practical - visual distinctiveness, look, clothes, looking at the camera or not, preparation, attitude, how to sit, performance...

-relations with the media (and people in the media), - and journalists are people, how to be fair and not create enemies, distance and intimacy

-specifics of communication on videoconferences - practically on-site video conference, coordination, preparation, content, technical issues

-communicating on social networks - practical, analysis of participants' social networks, their use, mistakes and opportunities

- pitching - selling ideas, preparation, execution, training as an opportunity for greater success)

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