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Boost your expression - Boost your expression

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Group workshops for the development of expression skills (up to 10 participants) 2x3 hours

Although we like to think that we know how to express what we feel, in the vast majority of cases, due to various reasons, we refrain from saying it. Sometimes it's because we don't want to hurt others, sometimes because we're afraid of the consequences of expressing our own opinions, and very often because we get carried away by our emotions and are unable to meaningfully form the words that will convey our thoughts.

And even if we are not afraid of public speaking and speaking in front of others, and we have mastered presentation skills, talking about ourselves, our feelings and giving personal opinions is extremely difficult for most of us. Conveying our mental image to others is a big challenge because our words and sentences are often imprecise, so we get lost and lose the listener in clarifying what exactly we want to say.

That's exactly why we designed the programBoost Your Expression - learn to say what you want


The program is intended for all those who want to work on their communication skills, learn to overcome the fear of speaking in front of others, learn to form clear and simple content that will give those who listen to you a precise picture of what you think. 


Through education and workshops in small groups of up to 10 participants in 3 x 3 hours, we will work on:

  • Breaking the fear of public speaking

  • Forming thoughts into simple communication

  • How to fight for yourself

  • Specificities of written and spoken language

  • How to negotiate and get what you want...

  • How to recognize your strengths and weaknesses

  • Understanding the inner mental image and emotional roller coaster for more effective expression

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