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Our services:

Plan. Shape it. Practice.

Media trainings

Get ready to perform

Preparation for a media appearance, quick analysis and training for small corrections and confidence building, as well as preparation for crisis communication can help you prepare in the best possible way. Through media trainings, work is also done on shaping the message that is sent and its testing, as well as ways to relate to people from the media. 
Thanks to our experience, we also help develop interviewing skills for journalists and presenters.

Personal training 1:1

To be the best me in the shortest possible time

Those who want to strengthen their public and media speaking skills want to do so with a quick analysis of the situation, and a work program designed according to their own needs and capabilities. Results can then be achieved much faster than with other methods of work.  Constant training or flexible preparation for the needs of individual client performances as well as preparations for sending messages to different message recipients is what makes it easier to stand out.

Personal branding

Talk about what you are good at and in the best way

Our dedication to ensuring that care is given to every detail is what makes us successful. Nothing can escape us, from the way of communication, the content, through the personal approach to the ultimate goal - better communication and memorable performance.

Social performance strategy

Show what you are best at

Our experience in communicating with the media, and the rules of media appearances, as well as our connection with public figures who work in them, give clients the support they need to strengthen their careers and their work.
We provide innovative solutions that include performance strategies, communication through social networks and presence on more than all communication platforms.

Presentation skills

Show everything you know

Through presentation skills workshops, we work on strengthening self-confidence and knowledge transfer, both for live presentations and via virtual platforms. Through this service, we also work on creating content that has a greater impact on the followers of the presentations.

Content production

Come up with it. Choose. Do it.

Each of us, like each of our jobs, has its peculiarities. Producing content to talk about it and create it, but in a way that influences others is something that can be a challenge. Any help is welcome.

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