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Through different projects, we teach different groups of people specific communication skills. 

Sending messages in the right way allows each of us to accomplish our tasks more easily and faster.

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Communication skills workshops for young people

Group modules   development of communication skills

(up to 20 participants) 2x3 hours

Through two modules, planning and structuring of communication, non-verbal communication, written communication, communication in the media and on social platforms, and personal branding are carried out practically. 

Workshops on the development of communication skills and crisis communication skills

Group modules   development of communication skills

(up to 8 participants) 2x4 hours

Through two modules, one goes through the analysis and possibilities of developing communication skills practically, as well as theory and practical work on understanding the importance of crisis communication for the business of companies.

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The development of a personal brand starts with the development of communication skills

Through individual work and work in small groups, we develop skills with which each of us can become recognizable and respected as a special person, but also as an expert in the field he rules..

 - Strengthen your expression

The program is intended for all those who want to work on their communication skills, learn to overcome the fear of speaking in front of others, and learn to form clear and simple content that will give those who listen to you a precise picture of what you think.

Preparation of candidates and design of campaigns

Campaign analytics, candidate preparation and campaign design and management, as well as content preparation for communication. Making the right decisions to make the campaign successful and send clear messages.

Through modules adapted to individual clients develop your soft skills - communication skills, persuasion skills, negotiation skills, personal branding, relationship development, presentation skills...

The workshops are intended for managers and team members in technology companies.

Negotiation skills

Get what you want, but stay friends with everyone

Communication in the team

manage the team and get all the information you need to make the right decisions.

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