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Communication skills workshops for young people

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Group modules   development of communication skills

(up to 20 participants) 2x3 hours


Module 1

(The duration of each module is three school hours with a 15-minute break)


-introduction to communication - (What is communication, why do we communicate, ways, goals, principles, barriers, avoiding misunderstandings).

-planning and structuring communication - theoretical part / 10 min (how to plan communication, purpose, audience, message, distribution channels, evaluation, steps in developing a communication plan)

-nonverbal communication- 10 min (types of non-verbal communication, methods, peculiarities, how to recognize and control it, paralinguistics)


-personal practical presentation and the conversation of each participant in front of others in written and spoken form


-ad hoc analysis (audio and written content as a comparison of different ways of communicating)

Task (preparation of usual content that clients do in their daily work)


Module 2


-how to make a clear and short text(how to remove excess content in communication, how to distinguish important from non-essential, logic and arguments in the text)

-writing under pressure, writing for different audiences (different level of financial literacy, supervisory bodies, citizens, judiciary...)


-presentation skills - practical performance, analysis, content correction, how to deal with risk...

-communication print/web, radio, television - practical peculiarities of individual media, ways of creating stories, media legality, market situation, content production, legal issues, media freedom)


-personal branding - theory (how to become known and respected, modern tools for recognition, limits and possibilities, styles and paths, social networks - private and business)

-communication on the Internet, intranet and social networks - practical (writing different sources, rules, mistakes and opportunities)

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