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Soft skills for IT

Soft skills workshops with an emphasis on communication for IT

Group or individual modules  soft skills development for IT

(up to 10 participants) 

Through modules adapted to individual clients  work is being done on the development of soft skills for managers and team members in technology companies.

(The duration of each module is three school hours with a 15-minute break)

Development is being done through differently designed modules:

-communication skills - (What is communication, why do we communicate, ways, goals, principles, barriers, avoiding misunderstandings).

-planning and structuring communication - (how communication is planned, purpose, audience, message, distribution channels, evaluation, steps in developing a communication plan)

-non-verbal communication -(types of non-verbal communication, ways, peculiarities, how to recognize and control it, paralinguistics)

-written communication(how to remove excess content in communication, how to distinguish important from non-essential, logic and arguments in the text)

-presentation skills - (practical performance, analysis, content correction, pitching, elevator pitch, how to deal with risk

-personal branding  - (how to become known and respected, modern tools for recognition, limits and possibilities, styles and paths, social networks - private and business)

-communication on the Internet, intranet and social networks - (sources, rules, errors and opportunities)

-negotiation skills  - (how to agree, avoid conflicts and achieve set goals)

-communication in teams - (how to communicate with team members, how to share information, how to give feedback, how to be flexible)

-leadership skills - (how to lead a team, communicate in a team, get feedback, communicate clearly with team members, encourage team spirit, encourage and shape work ethics)

-solving problems - (practical performance, analysis, content correction, how to deal with risk)

-developing relationships - (how to build, shape and maintain relationships, report, be diplomatic, give constructive criticism, be tolerant, and compassionate)

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