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Communication and crisis communication

Communication skills and crisis communication skills workshops for senior management

Group modules for the development of communication skills and crisis communication skills

(up to 8 participants) 2x4 hours

Communication module

(The duration of each module is four school hours with a 15-minute break. Both modules are held simultaneously with two different groups of participants)


-introduction to communication - (What is communication, why do we communicate, ways, goals, principles, barriers, avoiding misunderstandings).

-nonverbal communication- types of non-verbal communication, ways, peculiarities, how to recognize and control it, paralinguistics


-presentation skills - practical performance, analysis, content correction, how to deal with risk...

-personal practical presentation and the conversation of each participant in front of others in written and spoken form

-ad hoc analysis (video and written content as a comparison of different ways of communicating)


-personal branding- theory (how to become known and respected, modern tools for recognition, limits and possibilities, styles and paths, the importance of the role of employees in the promotion of the company, the boundaries between private and business)

-communication on the Internet, intranet and social networks - practical (writing different sources, rules, mistakes and opportunities)


-communication print/web, radio, television - practical peculiarities of individual media, ways of creating stories, media legality, market situation, content production, legal issues, media freedom

-media relations(and to people in the media), - journalists are also people, how to be fair and not create enemies, distance and intimacy


Crisis communication module


-crisis communication - theory and practical examples.


-case studies - workshop according to the given problem of crisis communication.


-internal communication- the position of internal communication within the company as a tool for business development and increasing productivity


 -employers branding- tools and ways that own employees can help the company's business and its development, as well as attracting new people to the company

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