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Communication of political and public campaigns

Personal training and campaign preparation and management

Preparation of candidates for campaigning, management and shaping

political and public campaigns and analytics

Preparation of candidates for political or public campaigns - Effective, efficient, strategic and fast development of communication skills for political or public campaign needs. Analytics and preparation of political or public campaigns.

Analytics and preparation of a political or public campaign  -Analysis, structured definition of goals, statistics and research of individuals, target groups or constituencies.

Design and development of a political or public campaign - What, how, when and where. The development process of communication with an emphasis on bridging barriers, achieving goals, principles and avoiding misunderstandings.

Marketing development of a political campaign- blogging, podcasting, social networks...

Shadowing - allows our expert to develop detailed observations of political behavior that are not limited by the availability of administrative data or the limitations of questionnaires or interview guides.

Project team

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