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Communicato - communication consulting and coaching

Despite the great exposure to video content and their creation, which have become a daily need for all of us, through various communication channels, from basic communication at work, through the promotion of our products and services to public and media appearances, our market lacks a specific and individually designed mastering offer and acquiring that knowledge. We want to offer clients from public figures to entrepreneurs to politics, from school and college to retirement, the knowledge of how to acquire these skills efficiently, well, and technically simple.
Many young people have already become people who shape market demand and trends with their influence.  Becoming a blogger and influencer is the first business idea that comes to mind for many. But living from it and doing it well is a big challenge and a serious job, and those who do it know that. They cooperate with more and more people who, with their help, want to expand the circle of buyers of their products and services, but it is difficult to find relevant information and knowledge on the subject of the market. 
But all of us, telling our stories, be they business, personal, or social, publish more and more of this content. So is politics, because voters are more ubiquitous on social networks: therefore more and more money is invested in communicating in that way, primarily because you get much more for your money than through other media. You can easily segment and target the right audience - precisely the one they have messages for. But it is enough to remember the last campaign for the parliamentary elections and what individuals and parties published, how visible and audible it was, clearly and precisely shows how much room there is for that.

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