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Embracing the Lens: Overcoming Camera Shyness with Ease

My face doesn't suit me, I look strange on camera, I haven't shaved, I haven't put on make-up, I haven't dressed properly...

No, I don't like watching myself on the screen. I admit that. In my head, I'm much more muscular, younger and beautiful.

Photo: Pixabay / Geralt

Camera is Not a Mirror

I will not look for all the answers as to why this is so. I'll just repeat once more that what you see in the mirror is not what others see, but a distorted image of you. The camera shows you as others see you. And of course, your voice on the recording is also exactly the way others hear it. What you hear when you speak is a mixture of sounds that reach your hearing organs through the air and ear canal, but also through your flesh and bones. That's why that voice sounds unfamiliar to you.

My camera is always on during video calls and conferences. She shows how confident I am. Even when I'm unshaven, I also notice how my headphones messed up my hair and I sometimes see that I've dripped tea on my clothes.

It also shows my non-verbal communication. I nod my head when I listen, when I don't understand something or disagree with something, the other side can see it. Likewise, satisfaction and acceptance are immediately visible. You can also notice how interested I am in the conversation, how engaged I am in hearing what they are telling me. It's not without reason that they say "Out of sight, out of heart". Communication that does not include our views is more difficult and less persuasive.

Look Me in the Eyes

I like to look others in the eye when I talk, and I like to see how they look at me. And that's why I always force myself to look into the camera lens when I say important things. Then the other party feels that I am looking into their eyes and creating that virtual eye contact.

While video can't replace face-to-face contact, extending a hand or a friendly hug, it's good to connect with others at least visually.

Likewise, lecturing in front of a bunch of icons on the screen is much more difficult than live faces that occasionally look at us.

A Chinese proverb says it well: "I hear and forget. I see and remember".


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