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Public speaking is a critical skill

Public speaking is not for everyone. But if you want to be recognized as a leader, author, speaker, or expert in a particular field, developing these skills is necessary.

Although public speaking and speaking in front of other people is not something that most of us practice every day, developing public speaking and public speaking skills can help you a lot more than you think.

Photo: Pexels / Cup of Couple

Strengthening self-confidence

One of the main benefits of public speaking is learning that it's something you can do. Something that used to terrify you or seemed like an impossible mission becomes another mastered skill. The more you use the opportunity to speak in public or the media, the more you become aware of how you do it - whether you speak too fast or too slowly, whether you are clear and confused, how your voice sounds, and how much it affects the audience, how you can recognize how those who are listening to you feel and how you can keep their attention.

Spreading own knowledge

The best way to learn is to learn to be a teacher of others. When you teach others, you spread their knowledge as well as your own. When you practice public speaking skills, you try to better understand the things you are talking about. You achieve a greater impression on the audience by simplifying a complex idea, and by a clear message that you send to those who listen to you. At the same time, you learn how to convince others of the quality of your ideas and expand your vocabulary.

Standing out among others

If no one recognizes you as an expert in your field yet, developing your public speaking skills can make you stand out from the average. Equally, if you want to progress, good speaking skills can make a difference. Skillful presentation of ideas and willingness to take on the responsibility of presenting in front of others is a great way to take initiative and present in front of other colleagues. Raising the quality of your performance in front of other colleagues is what can bring you an advantage, and I can help you a lot with that.

Opportunity for advancement

Although few of us plan to make a living from our public speaking and performing unless we have leadership or media ambitions, learning to speak confidently and confidently is important in any conversation with a possible future employer. Many more opportunities open up to those who seem confident in themselves, even when their experience or skills are not at the level required for a job. Many employers hire their people based on how confident and eloquent they are in presenting themselves and how capable they seem to do the job. That's why it's important to make a good impression right away.

If you are in the management of a company or an entrepreneur, public speaking skills will increase the trust of potential clients and create the impression that you are the one who can solve their problems.

Focus on improvement

Very often, we can achieve a much greater impression on others by communicating live than via social networks or e-mail. We trust more people we have met in person, shook their hands, and exchanged a few sentences. Many of us, after hearing an inspirational speech or talking to a motivational speaker, have made decisions that have changed our lives. By mastering the skill of public speaking, you can influence your life and the lives of the people around you. And not only that. You can inspire others to change the world we live in.

If you want to change the world around you, contact me. I'm sure I can help you with that.


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