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To post, or not to post, that is the question

How many times have I wanted to write something very clever or witty in response to some interesting or stupid post from a friend on social media, but I didn't? And quite a few times I published something, then deleted it, or, even worse, published it and regretted it. Sometimes I used to write something cynical, and those who don't know me well think that I really mean it.

How important is it to think carefully before you say or write something?

Photo: Pixabay

Think twice

At a time when the Internet remembers everything, many people got burned and even lost followers because, for example, they were for or against vaccination. You had an argument with friends or partners because of a post. Likewise, because of a post, you can lose a job opportunity or even, if you are the owner of a company listed on the stock exchange and you have destroyed the value of your own company by expressing your views.

On the one hand, it is good to say what you think and have an opinion on everything important, sometimes it is counterproductive to have an opinion on everything and be a lid on every pot.

While Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, may not care if anyone agrees with his Twitter opinions, because there will always be enough people who like his company's products because they are superior to others, a small entrepreneur will have many doors closed because of the wrong post. You should also be aware that many companies that are hunting for talent and want to give them the opportunity for work and advancement analyze the social networks of their potential employees well in order to select people who can function in their teams, and not fear whether that genius and know-how might destroy the harmony at their work.

Many public figures have good tactics for appearing on social networks. Of course, we are not talking about Donald Trump, who precisely bases his image and popularity on controversies and his aggressive performance.

Actress Anne Hathaway says that although she is the author of most of her posts, she never actually posts on Instagram herself. Although this seems logical for someone who is a big Hollywood star, the additional reason for this is, as she says, an opportunity for her to think about whether she actually wants to publish what is on her mind at that moment and what the picture she took actually shows. In agreement with the person who does it, she always has an hour from her idea to its publication on the Internet so that she herself can think about what she recorded and what kind of message she is sending. She also gets a chance for a second opinion on what seems convenient to her.

Why don't the rest of us do the same?

On social networks, things happen very quickly and it is impossible to influence events if you do not react to them quickly. Thinking for a minute or two about what kind of message or messages my post might carry can be of benefit to us.

Experts in social networks point out that it is not wise to publish every thought, and that it is good, even when we write and publish our content on social networks, to try to restrain ourselves.

Don't comment on everything

It would be even better if many public figures and politicians tried to behave in the same way.

When you are an entrepreneur or a person looking for new business options, limiting the expression of your political views or some radical views of the world is welcome. With this way of communicating, you will avoid alienating friends and colleagues, and you won't chase away any new potential clients or employers.

When I post on social networks, I post mostly light things, stories about food, music, or travel, and that's not because I don't have my own opinion on politics, religion, or relationships in society. There is a place and a time when one should express one's views, and when they are only an obstacle to the development of some other relationships.

Extremism is scary

At the beginning of meeting with new people, your goal is to give them the opportunity to realize that you are actually a good person, with an interesting sense of humor, and good taste in music. At the same time, it can be scary for someone with less social experience if, for example, you are an active supporter of a football club, a member of a weird group, you are deeply religious, or even if you are convinced that the lizard people are among us.

The vast majority of people are narrow-minded and like to put people into categories or boxes, and many companies also have a practice of preventing all possible conflicts in advance.

Although some big companies like Amazon, and Netflix, and even pharmaceutical giants like Novartis encourage their employees to express their views and activism around social justice, workplace rights, health, and addressing inequality of any kind, they give them the freedom to express their political views or to be active in the protection of the environment and the fight against privileges and or fanaticism of any kind, there are much more who like peace at home, and avoiding conflicts of any kind.

You can have your own opinion on everything. But think carefully about whether you should express your opinion on every post that annoys you and share with others every idea that comes to your mind in the form that first appears under your fingers.

Just remember. The Internet never forgets.


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